First TOSCA experiment in Toulon - December 2011



The first test-site experiment of TOSCA has started! 

This experimentation that will assess the performance of the observational and prediction system developed by the TOSCA project in the Toulon test site is part of a series of experimental surveys that will be organized in each test site in the coming months. During the experiment, measurements will be performed on every component of the prediction system: meteorological, oceanographic, Lagrangian dispersion models. The results will help to fine-tune the tools, which will be used in the successive project phase: “Oil spill and SAR simulations”.  

Details of the experiment in the Toulon test site: 

The WERA radars are installed with a novel bi-static system. The in-situ campain will start the 10th of December on board of the Research Vessel URANIA from the CNR partner (Italy). A regular CTD (sensors measuring Temperature and Salinity) forecast will be done during ten days of navigation, coupled with a repeated lauching of surface drifter triplets in order to get direct information on transport.

The model system is running to forecast the hydrodynamic conditions and will be used afterwards for assimilation and improvement of the first estimations. 

Meanwhile, two gliders have been launched, in collaboration with DT-INSU  and the EGO comunity ( A deep slocum 1000m (hannon.png) on the 6°10' radial, and a shallow slocum 200m (crate.png) on a W-shape from the radial nice-dyfamed toward hannon, will "swim" in the region during December, giving information (T,S profiles) on the water column (crate-dens, hannon-dens) and on the geostrophic velocity.

For the first time in Europe the wave-glider will be tested.  Liquid Robotics ( developed this new generation instrument, and has deployed a wave-glider in collaboration with DT-INSU and in the EGO framework, during the TOSCA experiment. This platform is equipped with an ADCP (Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler 150KHz) and a meteorological station, and will follow at surface, the crate-slocum during its journey.

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