Enhancing transport prediction by blending radar and drifter results

Project deliverables

TOSCA partners have recently customized the existing LAVA algorithm.  In order to enhance the quality and accuracy of the information needed to better respond in the event of a maritime accident; the algorithm allows performing a blending between the data from HF coastal radars and drifter in situ measurements.

The algorithm will be first tested using TOSCA data by January 2012 thanks to the first experimental survey planned in December 2011 in Toulon. This new development is part of the project objective to provide reliable tools for the prediction of transport and dispersion to be used by public authorities in case of accidents at sea.  In the next phase, the project will develop a second algorithm combining data and model information through appropriate assimilation methods for improved transport and forecasting capabilities.

(Deliverable D3.4.1_basic lagrangian algorithm)


Deliverable D3.4.1 Basic Lagrangian Algorithm


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